Will Wallace is a production assistant and writer known for his work on the MTV TV series Teen Wolf.


He began his career as a special effects assistant for the 2007 film Bloodlines where he was credited as "J.W. Wallace" and would often use this name prior to his later career.

He found steady work as production assistant for various television shows like Go for the Green, You're Place or Mine, and Community.

In 2009, Wallace worked on two productions where he served as an assistant and played as extras, Donna on Demand, and Dead Air.

He continued his assistant status the critically acclaimed 2012 movie Lincoln which he went uncredited.

Teen WolfEdit

He began as production assistant in Season 1 before leaving the show. He returned near the end of Season 3 after the production moved to Los Angeles, CA.

He became a writer's assistant for from Visionary to Status Asthmaticus. He eventually became a credited writer with "written by" credits in Ouroboros, Codominance, Sundowning, Blitzkrieg, and Face-to-Faceless.

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