Editor’s Note: This article concerns itself with Wolf Lichen appearing in the MTV series Teen Wolf ONLY. Click here for information on real world Wolf Lichen.

Wolf Lichen (Letharia Vulpina) is a fruticose lichenized species of fungus in the family Parmeliaceae commonly found in parts of western and continental Europe, the Pacific Northwest and northern Rocky Mountains in North America.

Real World PropertiesEdit

Although the species comes from 'vulpine' which relates to a fox, this species is toxic to mammals and has been used historically as a poison for wolves and foxes. Animal carcasses were stuffed with lichen and powdered glass, and the sharp edges of the glass would make the animals' internal organs more susceptible to the effects of the plant.

It has also been used traditionally by many native North American ethnic groups as a pigment source for dyes and paints.

Some Plateau Indian tribes used it as a poultice for swelling, bruises, sores, and boils, and boiled it as a drink to stop bleeding.

Teen Wolf PropertiesEdit

According to Dr. Deaton, wolf lichen can be used to poison a Nogitsune. He used this against the Nogitsune that possessed Stiles Stilinski until the effects wore off. He injected Stiles and the fox spirit was kept at bay.

The veterinarian goes to a Yakuza boss' home where a previous Nogitsune was killed by the Oni in the courtyard. Its blood spilled onto a fountain and the fungus grew undisturbed due to the superstitious mob group afraid to go there. (Letharia Vulpina)

In Echo House, Stiles has a Lichtenberg figure that appears on his body. Ms. Morrell said when the marks fade, the Nogitsune will have control of Stiles again. However, Stiles had to allow it to have control before anything could happen.

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