This article covers Lydia's Hallucination of Peter Hale from Season 2. For details about the Young Peter Hale seen in the Season 3 Episode Visionary see The Hale Family page.   

Young Peter Hale was a character featured in Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was played by Michael Fjordbak.

Season 2

He is first seen in various school scenes when Lydia Martin returns after her time missing in the woods. Lydia speaks to him for the first time outside the counselor 's office. (read more...)

He is again present when Lydia suffers a breakdown in economics class. (read more...)

He shows up at Lydia's house and flirts with her. He gives her a flower and promises to see her again at school. (read more...)

He again approaches Lydia at school and they plan a date. Lydia wanders barefoot into an abandoned house and finds him there. They kiss and he transforms into a badly burned and bloody adult Peter Hale. It becomes clear through flashbacks that all the earlier appearances of the character were a hallucination. (read more...)


The writers and producers went to great lengths to keep viewers guessing as to the character's identity. He is credited as "Junior" and "Jr" on some cast lists but there was almost nothing about him in any publicity for the show.